More on Rest

I didn’t intend on this past week being a week of rest. Sure, I took the week off, but that is because I had a whole host of things to do.

It was a very full week of work
…And I worked hard
…Harder than I expected to
…And long days
…Longer than I expected to

And while I’m not ready to go back to my “day job” tomorrow, and while I worked like a crazy woman last week.

I am rested
…Tired but rested
…Deep in my soul

My list of things
…Is still long
…And actually longer
…Never ending and
…Daunting when I think about it

But I am rested

Last week I learned that rest is not about stopping but finding places or times of rest in the busyness.

This week rest was found in the busyness of the different.

A different
…Type of work
…Atmosphere (I was by myself)

And how can you not find rest when this is the view outside your working window.

Deer in backyard

Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 

I will miss this view each morning as I am working, but it time to switch my occupational hat back to my main job and find different ways to replenish my soul and find rest in the daily craziness.

Rested, tired and willing to seek out new ways of rest. On the Journey. Jackie

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