Happy Birthday Christian

I love this picture.

Christian May 2017

I was quite the distance away from you and I don’t think you knew I was taking it.

It says a lot about the young boy that you are. One full of fun and mischief, but underneath hiding a deep thinker.

The fun and mischievous side that says things like…

“We had it delivered, that’s never happened before! …Guys! We’re having
delivered PIZZA!!!”


“I can communicate with chickens!” Gawk! Bgawk! See.”

And then the thought filled side that says things like…

“Mommy, on February 4th, can we celebrate Rosa Parks birth? Cuz that’s the
day she was born.” To which Mommy responded, “Sure. What made you want to
celebrate her birthday?” With full conviction he responded, “Because she’s
really important and helped change unfair laws, and I think we should.”


“Mommy, my heart is beating.” Mommy, “yes, your heart is beating.” Him, “is it always beating?”


“I’m gonna tape these papers to doors to remind people of something.” To
“Remind them of God, Jesus, the world, and the Holy Spirit”

So to one who has wisdom beyond your years, my verse for you this year is…

Proverbs 3:13 Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.

Happy Birthday Christian. It’s hard to believe you will be 7.

Love you


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