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Giving Thanks

Fall is my favorite time of year and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For several reasons: Cool, crisp days Changing colors on the trees Celebrating family Calm before the busyness of Christmas Chance to reflect on the goodness in my … Continue reading

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Living in Fear

I’ve spent most of my life living in fear. Real, imagined and borrowed. The real: Crouching under the bed, scrunched in the corner as far away from the drunken belt as I can be. Fear of drowning when thrown into … Continue reading

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The Little Boy Next Door

Camden, Colson, Caiden and Christian, this post is for you. Remember the little boy behind your house that you would play with. Your mommy shared with me that she was sad when he moved away. She didn’t always feel that … Continue reading

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“Quit striving” was the admonishment I received from the Lord during my sabbitical. And I’ve been pondering it since. And you might be asking why I’m pondering vs. putting into practice. It’s because I am a slow processor. And I … Continue reading

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