A New Look at Rest

“Rest” is God’s word to me this year. And even with surgery to “slow” me down I’ve not done well with learning what that means. And after 4 months of limited mobility I’m ready to get back to my “normal” self. I don’t think it part of God’s plan however.

One day this past week at work, I needed a break from the mental work I had been focused on all day and decided to take a walk outside the building for a bit. As I’m walking along, I was working deliberately to walk correctly so I don’t develop a habitual or permanent limp.

…but that slows me down
…and frustrates me
…and I’m more than ready
…to be back to “normal”

So while I slowed my pace I realized that there is rest in a quiet deliberate slow pace. I think of rest as…

doing nothing
free from activity

So while I was “busy” resting, I was able to notice a mother bird feed her babies, wishing I had my camera. I noticed the bark on the trees along the walkway, or I should say lack of bark. It was almost as if the trees were shedding their skin.

Shedding tree

There was a quiet rest in my soul. If I had been walking at my pre-surgery pace I would have missed all of it. My focus would have been on the destination (getting back to my desk). And isn’t it about the journey?

And how quickly I forget what I just discovered.

I returned to my desk to get my phone so I could take photos of the trees and before I knew it…

I was rushing my steps
on a mission
falling back into old patterns

This exercise in rest, is hard work.

Mark 6:31 Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. 

The quiet place of rest on that day was a simple, deliberate walk around a building. The time was brief, the setting not what  you would expect for a “time away” but it was just what this soul needed.

How or where do you find rest?

A lesson learned, that I’m sure I’ll need reminders on this Journey. Jackie

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