Today I Gather

Flower Canaan Acres

We are at Canaan Acres Christian Camp in Louisville, Ohio for the next 5 weeks to volunteer …

  • I love this camp
  • The grounds
  • The people
  • The work
  • But today I rest.

And gather…

  • My being
  • My energy
  • My time
  • My soul and
  • My God to myself

After months of…

  • Having to cancel plans
  • Health issues
  • And frenzied work

I give myself permission to rest.

  • And yet I struggle…
  • With just being
  • Doing “nothing”
  • Not performing
  • No frenzied activity
  • And rest to just “be”

Even my mind struggles with …

  • Endless thoughts
  • A growing to do list
  • Restlessness to do
  • The “should’s”
  • The “have to’s”
  • Weary soul, it’s time to rest

But today I rest

And gather my soul

And seek my God

Matthew 11:28

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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4 Responses to Today I Gather

  1. marilynhayner says:

    May Jesus give you rest and peace! You work so hard for him, I’m glad you have a time to just rest. Much love!!


    • jberdych says:

      Thank you. You are a gem of encouragement in my life.


      • marilynhayner says:

        You are a blessing and encouragement to many! I cherish your quilt and recall all the fabric and thread, the lamp and the cutting board and ruler you provided me, so I could sew face masks better when COVID-19 was rampant. You have been so good to me, and I’ll never forget your kindness. I’m so blessed to know you!!


  2. Judy Gress says:

    Dear Jackie,

    Thank you Jackie for your message. This is great. Sorry to take so long to respond. You’re in our thoughts and prayers daily for good health, traveling protection and many blessings as you do the work you have been called to do.

    God is very good to us. He protects us, meets each need, and has blessed us in many ways.

    Maybe one day we will get the opportunity to see you in person and chat a bit again.

    Take care and know you are very special to us.

    With our love, Ron and Judy Gress 💖


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