An Interruption in Plans

couple-on-benchMy solitary camping days include a walk to the lake each morning and evening. And there are benches waiting for me on either side of the lake for me to sit and watch the rising and setting sun.

…Only this time my spot was taken.

I was disappointed. It was my first night and I couldn’t wait to get settled and down to the lake before the sun set. Watching it that first night is my invitation from God to start my Sabbatical days. It’s as if as I begin to quiet my soul, He is painting a picture across the sky that is unique for that evening, welcoming me to this time and place.

…Only this time my spot was taken.

I have to mention that there are other places to sit and watch the sunset, but that bench has become “my spot.” In fact, I was sitting on a different bench when I took this picture. I was hoping they would move. But they didn’t.

…So this time my spot was taken.

I figured since my expectation was “ruined” I would at least walk. So I did. And I prayed. On my way to the other side. Where I would normally watch the sunrise.

A couple was on the fishing dock so we struck up a conversation. Or I should say, they struck up a conversation. Much to my dismay. More interruption on “my” plan. Little did I know, the couple on the lake and the couple on the dock would lead me to an answer to un-prayed for prayer (more on that later).

1 Thessalonians 5:18

…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

…Not my plan
…but God’s
…and I almost missed what He had for me

What are you missing out on?

…because you are looking for something else
…disappointed in what is before you
…focused on what isn’t instead of what is

Giving thanks. On the Journey, Jackie

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