Unprayed Prayers

Do you have prayers that are never prayed. Fleeting thoughts that you never formulate? Those things that you think about and toss aside? I had one of those unprayed for prayers.

I like using my own photos for this blog. But I am not a photographer. I have a simple point and shoot that most of the time I forget to use. I did wish though, that I had my own picture of an eagle for this post. An unspoken unprayed for prayer. Just a wish/thought.

An unplanned change plan in my evening (as told here) resulted in the pictures below.

When “my” spot was taken I walked to the other side of the lake. Only to meet up with a couple fishing off the dock. Sigh. I wanted peace and solitude. They wanted to talk. The man noticed I had a camera and asked if it could take pictures on the opposite shore (I didn’t think so). He continued to talk and pointed to a bald eagle sitting in the trees. He said I should try to take a picture of it and I could hardly spot it! The desire to get my own photo of an eagle was greater than my resistance to having my plans thwarted and negative thoughts that my camera would never pick up the eagle.


I was thrilled.

I was even more thrilled when it took off in flight and I was able to capture it.


A small God moment.
And I almost missed it.
Because I didn’t get what I wanted.
A disappointment brought about a blessing.

Psalm 107:1
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, his love endures forever.

Happy that God interrupted my plans for His. On the Journey, Jackie

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1 Response to Unprayed Prayers

  1. beckij says:

    Yes, we need to look for more of these.


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