Fisherman on Lake

Luke 5:16
 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Every year I take a couple of days, camping by myself in a favorite state campground not far from home. I don’t think we, in modern day America, understand or do “Sabbath” well. I know I make an attempt at it each week, but it is a poor substitute for what I think God intends.

I know me. The demands of the day and the busyness of my mind keep me from stopping and rest is just about impossible for me. So getting away, camping by myself helps me:

…quiet my soul
…open my mind
…gain clarity

Whether I am correct in calling it a sabbatical or not, isn’t of concern to me. It is the word that fits best for me and that is what matters.

When was the last time you took an extended time, whether it be hours or days to meet with God?

Enjoying an extended Sabbath rest. On the Journey. Jackie

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