Even at Six…

Christian Playing Ball

Even at 6
…God calls your name…
Or maybe I should say, “especially at 6”

I think the older we get the harder it is for use to hear.

For many reasons…

We doubt
We’re too busy
We don’t want to hear

But this post is about a little boy who was listening…

As told to me by my daughter regarding her youngest…

“A really neat and interesting thing happened last night….Christian stayed in the service with us last night (long story), and we’ve been having some pretty decent behavioral issues with him. Not listening, ignoring us when we are talking to him, lying, being very aggressive, and it has been growing…Now, while I think factors like lack of sleep, knowing of the change of Aunt Linda leaving (he’s already said several times that he’s really sad about it), all contribute to it, I recently felt like it was also a spiritual battle going on. So, while we were singing a song and he was on my lap, I wrapped my arms around him and just started praying for him and his heart. Service ended about 10 min after that and I looked down to see tears streaming down his little face, he was crying uncontrollably. When I finally got him to calm down enough to tell me what was wrong…my little baby says to me “I’m a mean boy”…with so much conviction and guilt. It broke my heart, but it seemed obviously to me, that even at 6, God was speaking to him and showing him the error of his ways. It was so neat. So I scooped him up again again and prayed for him, but this time out loud so he could hear my prayers for him.”


… don’t underestimate the power of your prayers
… don’t limit what God can do because of age, whether it be 6 or 66
… don’t close yourself off to hearing God whisper your name

1 Samuel 3:1-10

The boy Samuel ministered before the Lord under Eli. In those days the word of the Lord was rare; there were not many visions.One night Eli, whose eyes were becoming so weak that he could barely see, was lying down in his usual place. The lamp of God had not yet gone out, and Samuel was lying down in the house of the Lord, where the ark of God was. Then the Lord called Samuel.Samuel answered, “Here I am.” And he ran to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”But Eli said, “I did not call; go back and lie down.” So he went and lay down.Again the Lord called, “Samuel!” And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”“My son,” Eli said, “I did not call; go back and lie down.”Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord: The word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.A third time the Lord called, “Samuel!” And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”Then Eli realized that the Lord was calling the boy. So Eli told Samuel, “Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.’” So Samuel went and lay down in his place.10 The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!”Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

Has God spoken to you?

Are you listening?

A full heart at the prayer and response of loved ones, on the Journey, Jackie

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