When God Says, “Not Yet”

Front PorchI planned on posting about missing out on corporate worship today. I’ve been working on my thoughts all week. Ironically today has a new perspective. And I would have missed it if I hadn’t stepped outside my front door for a bit.

After weeks of dry hot weather we’ve had 1+ days of continuous rain and cooler temperatures.

  • The rain has stopped
  • The temperatures are in the 60’s
  • The air smells clean
  • The street is quiet
  • Birds are singing again

So instead of missing out on the chorus of song with other believers, I can feel a slight cooling breeze and hear the quiet undertone of insects and birds. This is my chorus for the morning.

So while I’m still getting a “not yet” from God on returning to church, I’m sitting quietly at His feet from my front porch swing.

Romans 6:25
But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

While I’m not experiencing what I think I want, I’m gaining so much more. Instead of hearing the different voices of those that may of stood around me, I can hear the different melodies in a different realm. With the busyness of the day planned ahead, this would have been a missed moment.

Worshiping with gratitude and thanksgiving, waiting in awe and wonder.

On the Journey, Jackie

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