Happy Birthday Noah

Noah HappyWe celebrated your birthday yesterday. While I forgot my camera to get a picture, I love this picture of you. It is the best of who you are. Fun and filled with joy and mischief.

You will soon be 9 going on 30, or maybe 40. Not only are you growing up fast, you are smart as a whip. “Just like my dad” you would say. I love talking with you and listening as you give me your words of wisdom, fun facts and wild stories.

Proverbs 4:5
Get wisdom, get understanding; 
do not forget my words or turn away from them.

It seems a fitting verse for you for this year and I’ve already seen evidences of God working in you. You know a lot of facts. And that’s a good thing. But what is better is God’s wisdom.

God’s wisdom can…

defy logic
make you think
grows you

God’s wisdom is not always what we want or want to hear but it is..

always good
always best
always worth heeding

You are growing in God’s wisdom. You greeted us at the door yesterday as any good host would. And then ran off to be with friends as any 9 year old boy would. But then a couple of times you stopped playing and came to just say a few words and run off. Wisdom in knowing others are there to celebrate with you, even if they are not on the play gym.

I’ve watched and listened to you as you would take care of Grace with your wise words. Or warning her of consequences if she continued down the path she was going.

Did you know your Dad would do the same thing with his sister, your Aunt Kristen, when she was doing something she shouldn’t? And just so you know she didn’t listen to your Dad any more than Grace listens to you. And between you and me, it has nothing to do with you, nor did it have anything to do with your Dad. I suspect that your Aunt Kristen and your sister Grace both knew the wisdom of your words. But as with most of us, they need to discover it for themselves.

I’ve heard stories of your wisdom as you befriend those on the sidelines or help someone even if it isn’t “cool.”

So Noah, keep learning, growing, and discovering God’s wisdom as He is working in your life.

Love you Noah and Happy Birthday, Grandma

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