It Takes Time

Waiting. Isn’t easy. Or pleasant. At least most of the time.

To watch this…

Beginning of a Sunrise 2

become this…


Takes time.


I love watching the sunrise and sunset. But it takes time. And sometimes it feels like an eternity and in this case of the above sunrise, took 38 minutes. And that is a long time to sit and wait (for me anyway). But if I look away, the moment happens in an instant and it’s gone.


Why is it so hard
Why are we in such a hurry

Wishing for…
the next day
the weekend
the next holiday
answered prayer

Think about it, when was the last time you said, “I can’t wait ….”

But what about the moments we miss in the waiting because we are impatient and close ourselves (or our eyes) to living in today.

Birds in the sunrise

Whatever you are waiting for …

Something to start
something to end
the next event

Remember there are moments you may miss today if you are living in the wished for tomorrow.

This is beautiful, but if I had looked away I would have missed the moments captured above.

Past the Sunrise

What are you missing out on, while waiting and looking ahead?

Psalm 37:7

Be still before the LordĀ and wait patiently for him.

Learning to be still as I wait. On the Journey, Jackie

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