But Mary Pondered…

A few years ago my daughter asked me what my favorite Christmas verse was. I hesitated in answering. Not because I didn’t know. But because it is not the typical Christmas verse.

Luke 2:19

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

I am a slow processor and I let ideas and thoughts simmer in my head before I come to conclusions.

What strikes me about this verse is that the shepherds have come with exciting news to share about her newborn child and her reaction… she ponders.

Kristen made this for me, most likely with the intent that I would display it at Christmas time. Instead it hangs over my nightstand so I can read it each night before going to bed.  It reminds me to take the thoughts I’ve had throughout the day and ponder them. Run them by God and let Him speak to me.


What do you do with the deep thoughts God gives you?

Tell everyone you know
Dismiss them
Question them

Or are you like Mary and ponder and

Consider their impact
Wonder what the next step is
Treasure what God is doing

So as we celebrate Christmas today, have you pondered the impact of the Christ child on  your life?

Christmas Blessings. Jackie

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