“You Can’t”



I remember the first time I mentioned to someone I was taking a sabbatical. Their response was, “You’re not a teacher or pastor.” My first thought was horror that I had used the word wrong. The second was, “why can’t I.” Who decided it was only for pastors and teachers and had to be weeks/months long? So I looked up the word.

Some definitions limit it to teachers. But I also know it is a common practice in ministry.

Other definitions include: (From MeetGoPlan)

The term sabbatical actually is derived from the biblical Sabbath which serves an ancient human need to build periods of rest and rejuvenation into a lifetime. Traditionally you’ll find sabbaticals in academic careers, but they are not just for teachers anymore. Anyone can take a sabbatical and travel. A sabbatical is simply getting an extended leave from work to pursue a break. 

People traditionally take a sabbaticals to fulfill a goal, build a skill, or do research. You don’t necessarily have to stay near your home to do these things, you can easily travel the world and accomplish your goals; the key is to get away, renew, refresh.

So I was correct in using the term sabbatical, even though my time away is really short. And as highlighted in purple above my goal is to get away, seek God, and rest.

“You can’t”

I heard that in many ways growing up. Often. I hardened myself to it so much that most times when I heard it, I had a “I’ll show you” attitude. But even with that attitude, many times, the “cant’s” in my head were stronger than the “I’ll show you” resolves.

My sabbatical is an annual event for me and I almost let someone’s “can’t” dictate what has been a meaningful part of my life for many years now.

Whether I am correct in calling it a sabbatical or not, I don’t care.

I can.
And I am.

That is the best word that describes the time for me and that is what matters.

What “cant’s” you are allowing in your life?

the naysayers
your fears
your failures
the voices in your head
the past

Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Where does God want you to go? do? What is He giving you the strength to do?

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