God is Always Working

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When I can’t see or understand what God is doing, I’ve used the common phrase “God is in control” to navigate the uncertainty. Recently I’ve changed it to “God is always working.”

While God may be in control, freewill will impact the events of life. That impact will be a result of the choices we make as well as the choices others make. Giving (in my opinion) unfair weight to the “stuff” of life that doesn’t fit with the God I’m trying to understand. I’m not suggesting that if things don’t go as I want, God isn’t a loving, kind and just God. I’m talking about the things that living a life here on earth bring. The things we don’t like. The things that aren’t “fair.” Evil, hurt, injustice. Our common sense would suggest if God were in control He wouldn’t allow those things to happen. We forget that free will trumps that.

However God is always working. Regardless of what may cross our path on this journey called life.


Our sense of right and wrong and fair wants to get to the “why” or the “what” of what He is doing. God is more interested in me and my relationship with Him. It’s not for me to try to understand or figure it out. I’m to seek Him. Period.

Jeremiah 29:13

 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

What is He doing in your life right now?
Are you even aware? Afraid? Thrilled? Wondering? Out of control? Content? Angry? Bitter? Smiling, Hurting?






Seeking Him, on the Journey. Jackie

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1 Response to God is Always Working

  1. beckij says:

    It helps me to remember, as He is working, that He is always good. He is ALWAYS loving. And He is sovereign.


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