Why This Story – A New Start

Sunrise His Mercies are newThis blog/journal started 2 years ago when I finally pushed “publish” after months of trepidation. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why the hesitation. I have a quilting blog, now going on its 5th year so it’s not because blogging was new to me. I thought it was because I wanted it to be well written and I am not a professional writer. But it was much more than that. I think it is because it is God’s story in my life and it is sacred and I wanted to do it well. I have come to realize that in my attempt to keep it sacred, I was really trying to keep it perfect. But I am far from perfect. In order for this to be authentic, it will be written by an imperfect me. Not that I want it to be done poorly, but if I wait until I have it all perfectly crafted it will never happen. So when you find the grammar and sentence structure errors, my prayer is you will look past them and see Him and not me. The story doesn’t change. It’s God work. Not mine.

The original reason for the God story is told on this page. But as time has passed, it is for much more. I have children and grandchildren that will be here long after I am gone. And while they will have their own stories to tell, I think it is important for them to be reminded of the stories before them. So Tom and Wendy, Kristen and Carlos, Melissa, Kynzi, Bryce, Camden, Colson, Caiden, Noah, Grace and Christian, this is for you. I love you and can’t imagine life without all of you.

Tom and Kristen, you heard this often while growing up and I’ll repeat it here as a reminder and to tell your own children, “Don’t take for granted your faith and all the promises and hope it brings.

A new and imperfect beginning on God’s Journey, Jackie

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