Finding Hope

Job 11:18

     You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your                rest in safety.

When I was six years old there was a woman who would come and pick me up and bring me to church on Sunday’s. She wasn’t a friend or relative or neighbor because I remember conversations my parents would have about her that gave me the impression that they didn’t understand this woman’s motive. I know my brothers were invited to go along but I am not sure they ever did.


I remember little of the time with the woman other than she would hold my hand as we walked down the long tall corridors of the church. Our steps echoed in the hallways. In spite of the intimidating surroundings I felt safe. She has no face or name in my memory. I don’t remember if she was young or old, nor the sound of her voice. What I do remember is the safety, security and love I found when I was with her and I would draw on that memory when I faced times of fear and uncertainty as a child.

She gave me a glimpse of hope of something unseen, a picture of God in the flesh.

Still finding hope on the Journey in the kindness of others, Jackie

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