Before I Was Born, I Was Set Apart

Jeremiah 1:5
     Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.

I truly believe that God knows and call us to Himself before we are born.

Naturally I don’t remember life before I was born or even when I was very young. I do remember the conversations my parents and grandparents would have about me. Isn’t it funny how grown-ups will talk about you as if you are not in the room.

I wasn’t supposed to make it, though I am not sure why. I was born prematurely, and weighed just under 5 pounds but with no other issues that I am aware of. I was always sick and the doctor was called to the house many times. Pneumonia and hospitalizations was something that plagued me often in my infant through preschool years.

So while the discussions around me stated, “I would not make it” God knew otherwise. His words were not words of doubt, but one of hope and promise.

What words were spoken about or to you as a child? What was God saying about you?

Known and set apart before I was born, on the Journey, Jackie

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